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HG Aluminium compressors

Types Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h
HGX22e 11.1 13.7 16.5
HGX34e 18.8 22.1 27.3 33.1

HG Aluminium compressors

Based on our compressors of the Pluscom series with their outstanding advantages and features, light construction models made completely of aluminium are available for mobile use.

Special Features 
- Weight savings of about 40% compared to standard compressors
- Outstanding running comfort
- Efficiency and reliability at the highest quality level
- Easy to service
- Oil pump lubrication
- Electronic motor protection
- Suitable for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants
- Available with metal terminal box and reduced overall height

Those compressors are efficiency optimised models.
By technical optimisations the motor-efficiency, gas flow and efficiency of the valve system are improved.