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FK for bus and train air-conditioning

Types Swept volume ccm Former types
FKX30 233 FKX30
FKX40 385 466 554 650 755 FKX30
FKX50 662 776 831 976 FKX50
FK vehicle compressor for bus and train air-conditioning

Bock vehicle compressors in the FK series are the result of decades of experience in mobile refrigeration. Particularly when it comes to bus air-conditioning, they are the standard of all renowned manufacturers.

Unsurpassed lightweight, compact and robust desigh with a large speed range - these are just a few of the outstanding features of this unique product range with 2, 4 and 6 cylinder compressors. Tailor-made to the individual application with many different design versions.

One special innovation constitutes the so-called K version with a unique valve plate system for the toughest demands in mobile air-conditioning.

N version
Compressor with universal valve plate system for all ranges of application.

K version
Compressor with unique valve plate system for the toughest demands in bus air-conditioning.

K1 version
Housing variant with K valve plate system and additional mounting threads for direct attachment to the vehicle engine.