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UL-CO2 compressors (transcritical)

UL-HG CO2 T transcritical

UL-HG P CO2 T transcritical (LSPM)

Certified by Underwriters Laboratories
    Certified by Underwriters Laboratories The U.S. company Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a nationally recognized test laboratory by the U.S. federal agency OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that tests products and components for safety in accordance with the relevant standards. The awarding of a UL test mark is generally necessary for the North American market in order to be able to market and use technical products such as compressors.
UL-HG CO2 T transcritical
  • Gas-cooled semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors
  • Operating pressures up to 130 bar
  • Designed for transcritical UL-CO2 systems: standstill pressures LP 100 bar / HP 150 bar
  • Highest compressor and system efficiency due to specific UL-CO2 design
UL- HG P CO2 T transcritical (LSPM)
  • Series with LSPM motor technology (LSPM=Line Start Permanent Magnet) with otherwise the same technical characteristics as the series with standard asynchronous motor
  • The higher efficiency of the LSPM motor technology results in increased efficiency and lower operating costs at the same time
  • Synchronous operation without slip and thus higher speed compared to standard asynchronous motors with the same robustness
  • Thus higher refrigerant mass flow with more cooling or heating capacity
  • No power losses in the rotor, resulting in higher motor and overall compressor efficiency (by an average of about 6 percent compared to a standard asynchronous motor)
  • Operation can be flexible on the mains or via a frequency converter
Special features of UL-CO2 compressor technology transcritical
  • Highest efficiency with low operating costs
  • Durable compressor design due to the selection of high-quality components
  • Reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication
  • Low oil throw
  • Good operating characteristics with low vibration, low pulsation and low operating noise
  • Broad operating limits and wide frequency range for a wide variety of applications
  • Pressure relief valves for suction and pressure range
Important information
  • Bock has been involved with CO2 compressor technology since 1993
  • CO2 applications require new system technology and control
  • CO2 applications are not a general solution for substituting F-gases
  • The notes on handling CO2 compressors in the installation instructions must be followed
  • All information is based on current knowledge and may change at any time due to further development of the technology