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Types HP (motor code) 1) kW 2) Displacement at 60 Hz (1740 rpm) cfh
UL-HGX56e/1155 ML 28 28 22 4,257.0
UL-HGX56e/1155 S 35 35 30 4,257.0

Certified by Underwriters Laboratories
    Certified by Underwriters Laboratories The U.S. company Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a nationally recognized test laboratory by the U.S. federal agency OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that tests products and components for safety in accordance with the relevant standards. The awarding of a UL test mark is generally necessary for the North American market in order to be able to market and use technical products such as compressors.
UL-HG single-stage compressors
    The UL-HG model series consists of state-of-the-art classical suction gas-cooled compressor technology.
Special features:
  • Outstanding running comfort
  • Efficiency and reliability on the highest level of quality
  • Service-friendly, e.g. replaceable drive motors
  • Oil pump lubrication
  • Electronic motor protection- Suitable for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants
    Those compressors are efficiency optimised models. By technical optimisations the motor-efficiency, gas flow and efficiency of the valve system are improved.

The motor code describes the compressor motor size based on the HP (Horse Power) of the compressor that is usual in refrigeration technology worldwide. However, the motor code does not correspond to the converted nominal power of the motor from [kW] to [HP].

Nominal power of the motor in [kW].