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Types HP (motor code) 1) kW 2) Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h
SHGZ7/1620-4 L R22 25 25 46.9
SHGZ7/1860-4 L R22 30 25 53.8
SHGZ7/2110-4 L R22 35 33 61.2

SHGZ7 L condensing units two-stage

Bock offers an expansion of the unit series.
The existing program will be expanded to include two-stage units.

Special features:
Area of application

The selection of the liquid intercooler unit is available for different refrigerants.
High refrigerating capacity with reduced power consumption
Generously dimensioned condenser with optimized tube circuits and thermal transfer in connection with high-powered fans
Economic ventilators
One-phase external rotor motors (230V - 1 - 50/60Hz) with winding protection. Motor suitable for electronic speed control for optimum adjustment of condensing pressure

Special features HGZ7:

- Six-cylinder construction
- Stages divided into LP / HP at the ratio of 2 : 1
- Two-stage operation with liquid supercooler
- Expansion valve adjusted to refrigerant and application
- Extremely economical and reliable concept

The motor code describes the compressor motor size based on the HP (Horse Power) of the compressor that is usual in refrigeration technology worldwide. However, the motor code does not correspond to the converted nominal power of the motor from [kW] to [HP].

Nominal power of the motor in [kW].