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Types HP (motor code) 1) kW 2) Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
SHG34e/315-4 PB 5 4 27.3 SHG34e/315-4 PB (up to DK 056)
SHG34e/315-4 SPB 7 5.5 27.3 SHG34e/315-4 SPB (up to DK 056)

Plusbox outdoor complete condensing units

With the Plusbox, Bock presents for the first time a series of modular designed outdoor complete condensing units on the basis of semi-hermetic Bock compressors and condensers.

The modular model kit of the new Plusbox condensing units enables the system manufacturer to configure the Plusbox individually according to his demands. This way, he can decide on the scope of supply and has for example the choice which control system suits best for his application.

Whether it’s the basic design, the Plug & Play version or the individual version – with the Plusbox, Bock offers top components with a fair price/performance ratio that facilitate work on the system for the system manufacturer due to the pre-assembly and delivery of the complete Plusbox unit.

Initially, Bock offers the Plusbox as basic design with compressors HG34e, which corresponds to refrigerating capacities of approx. 10 to 15 kW at normal cooling conditions (R404a at -10°C evaporation temperature and 32°C ambient temperature).

The motor code describes the compressor motor size based on the HP (Horse Power) of the compressor that is usual in refrigeration technology worldwide. However, the motor code does not correspond to the converted nominal power of the motor from [kW] to [HP].

Nominal power of the motor in [kW].