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Types HP (motor code) 1) kW 2) Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
HG56e/850-4 HC 18 15 73.8 HG5/830-4 HC
HG56e/850-4 S HC 25 18.5 73.8 HG5/830-4 S HC
HG56e/995-4 HC 23 18.5 86.6 HG5/945-4 HC
HG56e/995-4 S HC 30 22 86.6 HG5/945-4 S HC
HG56e/1155-4 HC 28 22 100.4 HG6/1080-4 HC
HG6/1240-4 HC
HG56e/1155-4 S HC 35 30 100.4 HG6/1080-4 S HC
HG6/1240-4 S HC

HG HC compressors for hydrocarbons

The Bock compressors for hydrocarbons fulfil all specifications of the F-gas ordinance. They are suitable for long-term use and so improve planning security for plant manufacturers, operators, and investors. Due to the combustibility of hydrocarbons, however, safety-relevant modifications to the compressor and system are required.

Special Features
Bock offers an alternative compressor variant especially for use with hydrocarbons (R290/R1270), based on our current product series of semi-hermetic compressors.

Compressors in HC-design have the following features: 
• Durable driving gear
• Thermal protection thermostat (recommended)
• Oil sump heater (necessary)
• Special oil charge
• Motor protection INT69 G for control switch installation
• Optimized for all hydrocarbon requirements

We must explicitly point out that these compressors are a special edition and that compressors filled with hydrocarbons are to be operated by trained specialists only. The instructions for assembly contain other important instructions. To ensure the necessary safety measures, an additional agreement on hydrocarbons as refrigerants (Bock art. no. 09996) must be signed.

The motor code describes the compressor motor size based on the HP (Horse Power) of the compressor that is usual in refrigeration technology worldwide. However, the motor code does not correspond to the converted nominal power of the motor from [kW] to [HP].

Nominal power of the motor in [kW].