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Types HP (motor code) kW Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
EX-HG22e/125-4 HC 2 2.2 11.1 EX-HG22e/125-4 HC (up to DK 056)
EX-HG22e/125-4 S HC 3 2.2 11.1 EX-HG22e/125-4 S HC (up to DK 056)
EX-HG22e/160-4 HC 2 2.2 13.7 EX-HG22e/160-4 HC (up to DK 056)
EX-HG22e/160-4 S HC 3 3 13.7 EX-HG22e/160-4 S HC (up to DK 056)
EX-HG22e/190-4 HC 3 2.2 16.5 EX-HG22e/190-4 HC (up to DK 056)
EX-HG22e/190-4 S HC 4 3 16.5 EX-HG22e/190-4 S HC (up to DK 056)
HG HC ATEX Compressors 2G (Zone 1 + 2)

Bock is the first European manufacturer to offer semi-hermetic compressors certified according to ATEX machine category 2 or after IECEx.

The ATEX compressors EX-HG12P-34e are also approved for operation with the current hydrocarbons.

The models in the HG Series are the basic compressors for ATEX versions.

The varieties

- European explosion protection marking as per directive 2014/34/EU
- Machine group II
- Category 2 > zone 1+2 for use in explosive atmosphere caused by gas
- Explosion sub-group IIC or IIB
- Compressor rated for temperature class T3 (max. 200°C)