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Types HP (motor code) kW Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
HA22e/125-4 2 2.2 11.1 HA22P/125-4 (up to DK 056)
HA22e/160-4 2 3 13.7 HA22P/160-4 (up to DK 056)
HA22e/190-4 3 3 16.5 HA22P/190-4 (up to DK 056)
HA single-stage compressors

The HA-system - the best solution for deep-freezing!

Special features:
- Direct intake with external ventilation
- Suction gas intake directly into the compressor
- Motor cooled by an integrated ventilation unit

This reduces the compressed gas temperature and thus expands the range of application while at the same time increasing capacity (deep-freeze, R22, R404A). At the same time, the compressor is physically separated from the compressor, with advantages particularly in the case of motor damage.