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Types HP (motor code) 1) kW 2) Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
EX-HG88e/2400-4 3G 60 40 209.1
EX-HG88e/2400-4 S 3G 70 60 209.1 EX-HG8/2470-4 S 3G
EX-HG88e/2735-4 3G 70 50 237.9 EX-HG8/2830-4 3G
EX-HG88e/2735-4 S 3G 80 60 237.9 EX-HG8/2830-4 S 3G
EX-HG88e/3235-4 3G 80 60 281.3 EX-HG8/3220-4 3G
EX-HG88e/3235-4 S 3G 95 70 281.3 EX-HG8/3220-4 S 3G

HG ATEX Compressors 3G (zone 2)

Bock now also offers compressors, which have IECEx approval and meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU through certification of compliance by a named authority.

Within the European Union, electrical and mechanical machinery operated in explosive atmospheres must comply with the so-called ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) conditions.

All ATEX compressors are also approved for operation with the current hydrocarbons.

The models in the HG Series are the basic compressors for ATEX versions.

The varieties

ATEX Classification
- European explosion protection marking as per directive 2014/34/EU
- Machine group II
- Category 3 > zone 2 for use in explosive atmosphere caused by gas
- Explosion sub-group IIC or IIB
- Compressor rated for temperature class T3 (max. 200°C)

The motor code describes the compressor motor size based on the HP (Horse Power) of the compressor that is usual in refrigeration technology worldwide. However, the motor code does not correspond to the converted nominal power of the motor from [kW] to [HP].

Nominal power of the motor in [kW].