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Types HP (motor code) kW Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
HGX24/55-4 S CO2 T 7 5.5 4.6
HGX24/70-4 S CO2 T 9 5.5 6.0 HGX2/70-4 CO2 T
HGX24/90-4 S CO2 T 12 5.5 7.6 HGX2/90-4 CO2 T
HGX24/110-4 S CO2 T 15 12.5 9.4
HG CO2 T compressors, transcritical

The compressors are used for transcritical and subcritical applications in supermarkets, commercial and industrial plants, and heat pumps.

• Gas-cooled, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors
• Operating pressures of up to 130 bar
• Conceived for transcritical CO2-systems:
   Standstill pressures LP 100 bar / HP 150 bar
• Highest compressor and system efficiency through specific CO2 design with lowest oil carry over

Special features
• Highest compressor efficiency for lowest operating costs
• Long-life compressor design
• Reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication
• Low oil throw-off
• Good operating characteristics with low vibration, low pulsation, and low operating noise
• Broad limits of application and large frequency range for a wide variety of uses
• Pressure relief valves for the suction and pressure area
• Long experience with transcritical CO2 compressors (since 1993)

Important information
• CO2 applications require a new kind of system and control
• They do not represent a general solution for substitution of F-gases
• The notes on handling CO2 compressors in the instructions for assembly must be followed
• We specifically point out that all information in this brochure is based on our current level of knowledge and may change at any time due to further development