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Types HP (motor code) kW Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
HG22e/125-4 2 2.2 11.1 HG22P/125-4 S
HG22e/125-4 S (up to DK 056)
HG22e/125-4 S 3 2.2 11.1 HG22P/125-4 S
HG22e/125-4 S (up to DK 056)
HG22e/160-4 2 2.2 13.7 HG22P/160-4
HG22e/160-4 (up to DK 056)
HG22e/160-4 S 3 3 13.7 HG22P/160-4 S
HG22e/160-4 S (up to DK 056)
HG22e/190-4 3 2.2 16.5 HG22P/190-4
HG22e/190-4 (up to DK 056)
HG22e/190-4 S 4 3 16.5 HG22P/190-4 S
HG22e/190-4 S (up to DK 056)
HG single-stage compressors

The HG model series consists of state-of-the-art suction gas-cooled compressor technology.

Special features:
- Outstanding running comfort
- Efficiency and reliability on the highest level of quality
- Service-friendly, e.g. replaceable drive motors
- Oil pump lubrication
- Electronic motor protection
- Suitable for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants!

Those compressors are efficiency optimised models.
By technical optimisations the motor-efficiency, gas flow and efficiency of the valve system are improved.