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Changes and Improvements

Current version:
Version 11.11.0 - Release: 06/2022
  • HR StarCO2mpressor on request
  • Product streamlining: FKX20 can now be found under "Former models".
  • New accessories for transcritical CO2 compressors HGX24 CO2 T: Digital capacity regulator DCR22 CO2 flexxCO2NTROL
Former versions:
Version 11.10.0 - Release: 01/2022
  • Inclusion of compressor series for low-GWP refrigerants: HGX12P-56e LG
  • Inclusion of semi-hermetic transcritical CO2 compressors: HGX12+24 CO2 T
  • Update data base und Bugfixes
Version 11.9.0 - Release: 10/2021
  • Update data base
Version 11.8.2
  • New BOCKlub oils E55, E85, G68, A46
Version 11.8.1
  • Product streamlining of HG compressors (Alu + 2-pole) with mineral oil filling for R22 (HCFC)
Version 11.8.0
  • Product streamlining of FK compressors with mineral oil filling for R22 (HCFC)
Version 11.7.1
  • Change to Bock GmbH
Version 11.7.0
  • Bugfix: Value of the displayed power consumption / drive power when setting hp or PS was in kW
Version 11.6.0 - Release: October 2020
  • Display of motor identification number (HP) in table ‘current types’
  • Update data base
Version 11.5.7 - Release: September 2019
  • Capacity data for R452A: FK30-40 TK
Version 11.5.1 - Release: August 2018
  • Update data base
Version 11.5.0 - Release: June 2018
  • Choice of reference temperature for zeotropic refrigerants (with temperature glide)
  • Extension of buttons for setting standard operating conditions to selection form
  • Further various adaptions
  • Bugfixes
Version 11.4.3 - Release: June 2017
  • Update database
Version 11.4.0 - Release: January 2017

  • New semi-hermetic 6-cylinder compressor series: GEA Bock HG56e
  • Optimized compressor series HG22e-44e: Display of the design key to distinguish between optimized and earlier models
  • Access to former compressor types
  • Table performance data: Colored marking of the operating condition, when outside the unrestricted field of application. Additionally, when operating with a frequency converter and the maximum possible compressor frequency is exceeded
  • Various adaptions and bug fixes
Version 11.3.3 - Release: November 2016

  • Optimized compressor series: HG22e-44e.
Version 11.3.2 - Release: September 2016

  • New compressor size of model FK40: FK(X)40/755 K
Version 11.3.1 - Release: July 2016

  • Clearing up of products to the 01st July 2016
  • Various adaptions and bug fixes
Version 11.3.0 - Release: February 2016

  • Various extensions and bug fixes.
Version 11.2.0 - Release: November 2015

  • Optimized search function for compressors and units
  • Buttons to choose nominal operation conditions
Version 11.1.0 - Release: January 2014

    New products:

  • New semi-hermetic compressor type: HG44e/770-4
  • New software features:

  • Possibility to download explosion drawing & spare parts lists, drawings and documentations as pdf-file
Version 10.2.1 - Release: February 2014

  • New compressor series of efficiency optimized compressors: HG(X)44e (e-series).
Version 10.2.0 - Release: June 2013

  • Corrections of errors.
Version 10.0.0 - Release: February 2013

  • Update from Version 9 to Version 10
    Summing up of previously three separate online versions into VAP for stationary applications and VAP for mobile applications.
  • Quick selection of compressor types: Compressor and unit types can be pre-selected via Picture-Buttons (additional to folder structure).
  • Enlargement of the lower frequency limit for semi-hermetic 2-pole compressors (HG 2 pole).
  • Corrections of errors.
Version 9.1.0 - Release: April 2011

  • Adaption to GEA-Design
Version 9.0.1 - Release: März 2011

  • New compressor types:
  • HG compressor with 2-pole motor for frequencies up to 60Hz: HGX34P/...-2 A K
  • Compressor for R407C (up to 35bar high pressure) in efficiency optimized version (e-Series): HGX34e R407C
  • Display of calculated discharge temperature
Version 9.0.0 - Release: September 2010

Containing compressor series:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors HG: HG(X)12P to HG(X)5
  • Semi-hermetic compressors aluminium version: HGX22P+34P A
  • Semi-hermetic compressors 2-pole version: HGX34P 2-pole